Hi, I'm Sophie! I'm 5ft 4", and here is 25 facts about me! 1. I enjoy my own company and swear too much, a lot. 2. I eat pesto out of the jar, which is a little weird, yes. 3. I like to read books and write them. Although everytime I write something I never finish it. 4. Apparently I am like a psychopath, the lack of emotion towards certain things scares some people. 5. I have now finished school. 6. I have a tatto. 7. I don't really like chocolate, I prefer savoury things e.g. crisps. 8. I never really expected to become a massive loon over Tumblr but I joined and now I can't escape and the amount of fandoms I have joined because of this site is unreal. 9. I don't believe in second chances, if you get one, count yourself lucky. 10. If you ever need to talk, drop me an ask, I am quite good with advice. 11. I am a little fucked up, but aren't we all? 12. I have ridiculously tiny feet, I am a size 4. 13. I actually quite like the number 13, it isn't lucky nor unlucky for me. 14. I change my mind about things quite regulary. 15. I never get anything finished, there's always something that I change last minute. 16. I am very imaginative. 17. I am very chatty and can keep a conversation going, I think. 18. I am very open-minded, which helps a lot with the whole mind-sets and "cliques" of school life. 19. I really really want a MacBook Air, if anyone has a brand new one, that is for free or if you want to buy me one, then go ahead! That would be appreciated! 20. I used to have a lot of time off of school. 21. I have four dogs and a guinea pig. 22. I smoke. 23. My birthday is 30/05/1998. 24. Although I say I don't get grumpy when things don't go my way, I do. 25. I can lie very well, which is a little worrying for people, but I don't use it unless I really have to. If you have read all of that, then thank-you, if not, it's okay; and if you got half-way and got bored, then thank-you for trying! See you online!

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